We can help you build your car collection – advice about the market trends, sourcing, buying, restoration, maintenance and storage.


Build or complete a car collection

We have a strong expertise to help collectors build a world class collection. We can help you to complete your collection finding the perfect additions, attending auctions for you or sourcing classics. Or we can help you to start one from scratch, anywhere in the world. We can provide advice about the process of collecting classic and luxury cars, and even help you to build the perfect garage. Also, in an investment context, we can help you to select financially rewarding classics. We have a high proven success rate in obtaining the unobtainable.


Restore classics

The restoration process of a valuable classic car requires time and attention: we can take care of any project you would have, from detailing your latest acquisition to fully restore a barn-find. Then, we are also capable of taking care of the maintenance of your fleet, and preserve it in a pristine condition.